Dog Walking and training with a difference


Experienced, Reliable, Caring are only few words to describe our services. Five Star Rated and Fully Insured, so you can rest assured we will look after your pet like our own. Our priority is always safety and happiness. If dogs could talk, they would talk about us!


We offer range of services: dog walking, home visits and more. Focusing on reward system, we fill our sessions with lots of fun, keeping your pooches body and mind stimulated; creating harmonious environment so they can thrive and feel content on their return home. 


We are here to take care of your precious pets. We will share our experience and expertise, whenever required. Our work comes from a place of passion. Nothing is too much trouble. Welcome to Waggin'Galore!

Dog Walking Bromley Kent

About Waggin’Galore

Waggin’Galore started operating in Spring of 2013 inspired by Monika’s dog Peggy, an adorable whippet pup.

Quick as a flash, shiny as silk, with a mini horse gallop.  So eager to learn, waggin’ away she brought the fun and happiness back into her life.

Monika started reading a lot of books on dog’s psychology inspired by her Peggy and it became clear, she uncovered her passion. In 2020 Monika has completed Canine Behaviour Training Diploma to further support her work in supporting dogs and their families. 

Waggin’Galore has experience with a lot of breeds, from German Shephards to Chihauhau, from very young to very old; also experience in working with dogs from rescue background. 


To work with dogs means the world to me. It reconnects me with what brings happiness and joy; it reconnects with nature. I used to work for London Fire Brigade in Fire Safety but after birth of my daughter I decided to stay home until she started school.
We welcomed Peggy, into our family when Elena turned 4 years old.  She brought back a lot of lovely memories from when I was growing back. Never far away from my grandparents farms, the animals, the land I kept close bond with nature and feel very  privileged to have found my passion again working with dogs.

Dog Walking Bromley Kent


Field Session

Out and about for an adventure in our securely fenced fields. Your pooch will be out for a day socialising with his/her buddies. Sessions are structured and fun. Throughout the session we will practice focus games and foundation commands to further stimulate their minds.
Prices vary depending on the breed/size.
Please enquire within.

Bespoke Services

Would you like your pooch to make an appearance at your wedding? Your pet needs their yearly boosters at the vets but you can't take them yourself? We are here to help, just ask. We are happy to help.

Home Visits

When your pet needs a company during the day or just a quick visit.  Prices start from £10.
Please enquire within for more information.


We use our own leads.
Please make sure your dog wears a collar with a tag on.
Leave a doggie towel and a doggie coat by the door incase it’s wet.


We will pick your dog up.


We will bring your doggie home after their session.

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